Insect-inspired Tattoos

My tattoo shop is closed for the day for routine pest control activities. Since it is our top priority to keep our shop clean and safe, we cannot allow any pest infestation. It is important for tattoo enthusiasts to get their tattoo done in a safe and clean environment to prevent infection and disease.

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Speaking of insects, there are a lot of clients that use insects as inspiration in their tattoos. You should know that insect tattoo is not only aesthetically beautiful. It also holds deep of meaning, especially to the tattoo owner.

I listed the known meaning of insect tattoos here so that you can consider them in your next tattoo session.


It is the favorite tattoo theme of females. It symbolizes change for the better, rebirth and transformation.

It should be said that butterfly is not only reserved for girls. The warlords and samurais of Japan used butterfly as their symbol. The Roman Emperor Augustus also chose it as his personal symbol. The warrior priests of Mexico also used them as design for their breastplates.


It is another female favorite. It invokes dreamy fairies with its mysterious features. The dragonfly represents élan and elusiveness. The dragonfly means conscious effort to express your personal wishes and dreams.

Lady bug

It represents good luck in most cultures. Some even associate the number of dots on the lady bug to the number of children a married woman will have. Aside from good fortune, lady bug could also mean Love, kindness, and faith in the good.

Bees, Hornets or Wasps

It is a symbol of hard work and social order. Just observe their habits, and you will understand why. In ancient Egyptian civilization, bees are regarded as a symbol of the soul.

In Greece, they symbolize death and rebirth, same as when the bees hibernate in their hives in winter and come out in spring.

Grasshopper and Locust

In Native American culture, grasshopper and locust symbolized creation. In Chinese tradition, grasshopper meant happiness, good health, abundance, and longevity.

In Greek mythology, the grasshopper is a symbol of immortality. It was evident when Tithonus received immortality from Zeus, and then transformed to a grasshopper.


It symbolizes courage, pride, and strength. Scorpion tattoo also shows individuality and strong character.


It symbolizes attractiveness and naiveté. In Asian culture, moths represent harmony and elegance while the Germans saw it as a symbol of rebirth.


In spite of being small, ant symbolism is prominent. It represents hard work and endurance.

Scarab beetle 

Ancient Egyptians believe that the beetle represents guidance toward the afterlife. It symbolizes achievement and self-renewal.


The black widow is the common tattoo choice when a spider is selected in a tattoo. It represents independence.

You can discuss with your tattoo artist where to best place your tattoo to emphasize its meaning.