Keep Your Bandage On

So last week I was doing work on this one guy asking the usual stuff first timers ask, of course since there was nothing much to do I answered all of his questions as properly as I can. One question was a bit more specific though; “Should he treat a fresh tattoo like a fresh wound?” When I asked why, he told me that he worked for a Pest Control Layton company, and that there are protocols that he should follow when working if he had a wound. Of course, I told him to treat it as if it was an open wound and not to remove the bandage until the time I specified him to. Go to this website.

This was somewhat of a wake-up call to me; since the questions were always the same, even the question he asked, I tend just to answer as quickly and short as possible when I don’t feel like talking. But when he told me what he did for a living I realized that these questions are important and should be answered properly. Had I not known what his job was and brushed off the question with a “yeah but don’t worry about it” he could have poisoned himself due to “not worrying about it.” I guess having a conversation with your customer is just part of this job.