Tattoos are a significant part of our culture since time immemorial. These pieces of art are special not only for the elaborate design but also because the canvas used is the skin. Pain is a given when you want to have it on your skin. As they said, a tattoo needs to be earned.

Tattoos are used as a status symbol. Some tribes used this as a form of decoration for their warriors and important people in their tribe. We also saw its use as a means to proclaim love and religious belief. Others think of it as amulets or lucky charm. We also associate tattooed people as ex-convicts or thugs sometimes. No matter what’s the reason for the tattoo, it is always has a personal meaning to the bearer.

We know you came here to learn more about tattoos, but we don’t lay claim to knowing everything. So, here are some online resources that you can visit to find out more about tattoos.