The Risks of Getting A Tattoo

Before you decide to get inked finally, it is important to consider your safety. We all know that using contaminated needles can infect you with a dangerous disease. You also need to think of the ink used because it gets absorbed by our skin.

Ink and pigments used for tattooing are subject to the rules and regulations of the FDA. The ink and its pigments are considered as a cosmetic and color additive, but FDA had not regulated the tattoo ink due to other health priorities, and there were no previous safety concerns raised. Salt Lake City carpet cleaners can clean your carpets at an affordable price if you need your carpets cleaned.

However, the FDA has been receiving reports about reactions from tattoo inks such as itching and inflamed skin. As such, the FDA has started to study the safety of tattoo inks and pigments further.

Here are some of the risks that you will be facing when you get a tattoo.

Allergies – Skin allergies can be developed due to the reaction of the body to the ink pigments.

Scarring – Scars may form after tattooing or when you have a tattoo removed.

Disease – Reusing of needles can pass infections such as Hepatitis and HIV.

Granulomas – These are small inflamed tissues that form when your immune system blocks off foreign substances but unable to eliminate, such as ink pigments.

MRI complications – These are rare instances when the tattoos swell and burn during an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) procedure.

These risks are not baseless, so it is important to think it over before your decide to get a tattoo. Please also check the tattoo artist’s shop to make sure that they use safe and sanitary tools for the tattoo. It may not prevent the risks, but it will significantly lessen them if there are strict safety procedures and precautions in place.