What To Expect From Tattoo Artists And Their Studio

So you’ve finally decided the club and get your first tattoo. You researched the design you like to live with forever, and you are ready to go. However, did you do check on the most important aspect of getting a tattoo? If you still don’t know, it is safety.

Your safety should be on top of your list once you decide to get a tattoo. It may sound cliché, but getting a disease because of neglect is not a thing to set aside. You can get a severe disease like Hepatitis and HIV from infected needles in the tattoo shop. So, make sure to get your tattoo from a licensed and reputable tattoo artist. Their studio should have the following:

  • An autoclave. It is an effective sterilizing device. A tattoo shop should have this if they take safety seriously.
  • Clean surroundings.
  • Proper hygiene of the operators.
  • Use of effective cleaning and disinfection methods.
  • Proper disposal of needles and infected items.

Here are other safety tips for you when you are getting a tattoo.

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  • Check and keep your immunizations updated especially for Tetanus and Hepatitis.
  • If you are prone to keloid, it would be better not to get a tattoo because it may just turn to a big scar.
  • Make sure the tattoo shop is using sterilized and one-time use needles. They usually show the items in their sterilized package.
  • Ointments, dyes, and applicators should be placed in disposable containers and used only once to prevent contamination.

It may seem like you are going to a medical operation, but since bleeding will be common in tattoo shops, it is essential that each material used for tattooing, even the work surfaces, are adequately disinfected after each tattoo session. Bail bonds in Rancho Cucamonga can be pretty expensive, the bail bond I got costed me over 10 grand

After knowing some safety precautions, let’s learn what to expect on the day when you get your tattoo.

  • The tattoo artist will wash his hands and wear new gloves and a mask before the procedure.
  • The tattoo artist should make sure that the tattoo area is clean and properly disinfected.
  • The tattoo artist will tell you about the sterilization process and show you the tools that he will use. Take note that those items will still be inside their sterilized packaging.
  • The tattoo artist will use the tattoo machine to create the outline of your tattoo under your skin. This outline will be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Once the outline is set, the tattoo artist will start to color-in the tattoo. Please note that the ink should come from a fresh bottle. The tattoo artist should not reuse ink from another client.
  • The tattoo artist will clean off the blood using a sterile cloth or gauze.
  • Once the tattoo is finished, the tattoo artist will show it to you. Look at it very closely and inform the tattoo artist if there is anything amiss so they can still retouch it.
  • The tattoo artist will clean the tattoo and cover it with a bandage.
  • The tattoo artist will give you instructions on how to take care of the tattoo. Follow it, especially the instructions on caring for the tattoo until the wound has healed.

We hope that we are able to help you with your decision to get a tattoo. It will be a permanent thing on your skin so you need to make it right the first time.